In 2006, a book called “The Secret” swept the New York Times bestseller list, and made Oprah Winfrey’s coveted list of “must read” books. The message of the book was: You have the power to get what you want.
Years before that, a prisoner from the New Testament wrote a letter that revealed another kind of secret.

You have the power to want what you have.

This second “secret” is the heartbeat of my new book.
In Spring 2017, IVP will release my book “When Changing Nothing Changes Everything”. Here is the link to pre-order for a special price (
The cover has JUST been settled upon, and here it is. The colored lens perfectly illustrates what my book is about:
cover-high-res If you have an account on Facebook, you can see on my author page (Laurie P Short) a 4 minute live video where I describe what the book is about. ( And for those who just say no to Facebook , you can find an overview of the lenses by checking out the link at the end of this blog.

In my book, I introduce four lenses. I believe they have the power to transform your life. These lenses will not only help you see all that you have in front of you, they will keep you from focusing on things that you don’t have. Because it is what YOU have that makes your life what it is.

The lenses are the “secret” of my new book. And I couldn’t be more excited about all the treasures that the pages hold. For two years I have been praying and writing, reflecting and gathering stories, and the time is FINALLY coming for it to be birthed.

But while I carry it to term from now until the release, I will be doing two minute live videos every Tuesday on my FB author page. I will highlight one insight about reframing, and I’ll be using the hashtag #reframeyourlife.
I will begin on Election day, which might actually provide a nice diversion from the lets all move to Canada drama of that day.

Tune in on Tuesdays live, if you can. And if you can’t, the videos will stay posted, and I’ll be expanding on some of the thoughts in upcoming blogs. If one of them particularly resonates with you, I’d love to hear your own stories of reframing as we approach this book’s release.
I am praying this book reaches beyond evangelical walls to speak to people regarding a truth that everyone agrees upon: your perspective has an impact on your life. I would love for you to pray that God will use it to open people’s eyes.

We each only have one chance at this life. My deepest prayer is that this book helps you see your life for all that it is—so you will live it for all it can be. That’s when changing nothing changes everything.

For more about the four lenses, check out this link:

The Power of Reframing your life