About Laurie

Hi I’m Laurie Short. A few of you might remember me from my maiden name (Polich) and the books I wrote under that name for youth workers and kids.  But in the last ten years a few things have changed– I moved to Santa Barbara to work at a church, got married and wrote 3 new books.


I speak at conferences, churches, colleges, and large events around the country, and I have spoken to over 500,000 people in the last 25 years. I’m also co founder of a cross generational women’s conference called SheGrows, and we’ve had 9 conferences our first year (visit the shegrowsconference website for details.) I love inspiring people to have a bigger vision for their life, and see the power of what one person can do


My books and video studies are available for purchase HERE. My video series are featured on RightNow Media if you subscribe. My books are also available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and CBD as well as select Christian bookstores. 2 of them have been published in other languages.

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