About Laurie Polich Short

A few of you might remember me from my maiden name (Polich) and the books I wrote under that name for youth workers and kids.  But in the last several years, a few things have changed:

1. I moved to Santa Barbara to work at Oceanhills Church (where I now serve part time on the teaching team)

2. I got married and became a mom at the same time



I Became an Author

3. I published a book 4 years ago called Finding Faith in the Dark, and another book in 2017 called When Changing Nothing Changes Everything. Most recently, I published a book called 40 verses to Ignite your faithMy first book wrestled with where God is in dark times; When Changing Nothing Changes Everything shows how broadening your vision reveals the bigger purpose of your life; and my third book highlights scriptures we don’t always notice that reveal important insights into our faith.

I am passionate about…

…encouraging people in their faith through my speaking, and would love to come to your church or conference to speak. With my new book, I have been creating messages around the theme of “Developing Eyes of Faith,” and I am very excited about helping people see their lives differently. You can find info about my speaking and books on the other pages of my website, so take a look around and make yourself at home.  Email me, or my assistant Melissa, at info@laurieshort.com if you want to inquire about having me come and speak.

I’d love to meet you!
“Laurie is one of the most dynamic communicators I know. Her ability to connect with an audience is truly remarkable.”

“Her messages were filled with honest and humorous insights on life and relationships–and how God is at work in the midst of it all.”

“Laurie Short is a terrific speaker, great to work with, and uniquely gifted to connect right away with adults and students. Our whole conference loved her!”