Do you really believe God loves you with no strings attached? Or do you feel that you have to do something to earn God’s love?
This week’s 10 min podcast reveals the promise God made, even before Jesus came, to extend his unconditional love.
God decided that the commands He gave to Moses were insufficient in bringing us close to Him. Rule following (and mostly rule breaking) was not the way God wanted us to relate.  People were spending way too much time trying to please God, and all He wanted was our love.

One way to understand Gods heart is thinking about parenting kids— the rules you give them are merely an extension of the love you have for them.  The goal is that they will eventually implement your guidelines because they recognize them as good. There comes a day when your guidance transfers from your rules to their heart- and that’s a small part of what God is illustrating in this verse.

God loves you. There’s nothing to earn. And  nothing you can do can make Him love you anymore than He does right now.
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