Coming off the events of Holy week, I’m aware that Easter can feel like a movie you love that you’ve already seen.
You get into it.
You relish your favorite parts.
But you know how the story ends.

And that changes the way it is lived out.

You don’t feel the same fear or doubt.
You don’t wonder if the protagonist will survive.
You don’t pray that the good guy will win.

You know what happens.

And no matter what you do to get into it,
the drama is tapered by that knowledge of how it plays out.

But think with me for a minute
what it must have been like that very first Easter.
To be one of Jesus’ followers
when they took him and nailed him to a cross.
There was no remote inkling that the story wasn’tĀ over.
Nothing could fix what they now saw.

They were only left
with the realization
that their faith had been misguided.
Their hope had turned to despair.

And in that backdrop, the miracle happened.
poking through

Today we experience it differently.
Knowing what is coming we don’t feel it’s weight.

But could it be that God plays this story out again and again in our lives so we remember
how big He is.
And what He is capable of.

Death becomes resurrection.
Darkness brings forth light.
Sadness breaks through to joy.
Loss is the backdrop for grace.

So if it’s Friday right now for you, hold on.
Let the story of Easter breathe on you its faith.

The nothing you now see
may merely be the set
for the crescendo
easter that is to come.



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