All it takes us one click to get us dreaming. If I could spend a day in that life, I would be happy and complete. Immediate access to our facebook friend’s idyllic vacation, Meghan Markle’s wedding plans, or the book that sold 100,000 copies in a week can keep us from getting out of bed. And when we finally do get out of bed, we amble to the mirror and we are reminded of this fact: I’ll always be just me.
The truth is, being just me is exactly where God wants us. However, our constant temptation is to go everywhere but God to get the affirmation we seek. Oddly, “everywhere but God” never delivers what we want from it. We get sucked in (and ultimately depressed) by the pull to be something more, better or other than ourselves.
Today, I want to invite you to stop.
You are God’s one of a kind creation. I know I sound like I’m about to launch into a children’s song, but if you aren’t you, the world will miss out on what you have to bring. At no time in history has this quest to be content with the life God has given us been so difficult. We have to FIGHT every ding, click and swipe not to start yearning for another life and live the life we have.
But we need to fight.
Your life is a crucial part of God’s bigger story. If you let others hijack or diminish your role, we are missing out on what you uniquely bring. And don’t forget, in God’s story, the seemingly smaller parts are actually the bigger ones. So the smaller your part feels, the more of a starring role it might be.
Because the life you see is part of a bigger story you can’t see.
Let this final session of my video series inspire you to live the one of a kind part God designed for you to play

(these videos are meant for preview only; the entire 8 week study is available on Right Now Media or this website)