Another heartbreak greeted our nation early Monday morning.This one was unique because of its magnitude, and the speed of news that emerged from the gruesome scene.
Before we knew the final death count, we heard about people throwing themselves on top of others to shield them from gunfire. People hoisting strangers over walls while risking their own lives in the bullet stream that wouldn’t stop.

These stories were being talked about while the death toll was still taking place.

In my last book, I wrote about how the prospect of death can change your life. ( But watching people live the prospect of death with the valor we witnessed Sunday night grabbed my heart.

Footage of people using their bodies as shields over other more vulnerable bodies. Others helping people over walls and out of danger, so those less strong could safely hide.

For some who died, their last moments were their best moments. And I not only marveled, I became challenged by their courage and strength.
Hoping but not knowing that if push came to shove I’d have a fraction of their bravery.
Wondering if I’d have it in me in the face of death to help others first.

May those stories of heroism at death’s door inspire us.
Perhaps even in light of eternity become a goal for us.
But for now, most importantly, may they move us

To pray for loved ones who are suffering since these courageous ones- with all the innocent victims who went with them- bravely left.