Use the word “Father” for God and many people cringe. Whether it’s a bad dad thing, or a masculine thing, or an unwanted patriarchal feeling, the name “Everlasting Father” as a reference to the Messiah is not always received as good news.
Last week on my podcast I talked about Mighty God, but this week we are on the reference from Isaiah 9:6 that is the most mysterious- especially since Jesus is known as the Son of God, and often refers to God as his Father. But Isaiah isn’t talking about a confusion in the trinity- he’s talking about the messiah sharing in the characteristics of God- and one of those character qualities will be Everlasting Father.
This reference to father is not patriarchal, it’s saying that the messiah will be like a father in all the best ways. Sort of like when you refer to someone who has loved you and cared for you and been there for you and you say “He is like a father to me”. I tell a story about a man who was like that for me in my podcast.
The way Father is used to describe the Messiah is more like a “Papa” –and those of you who have seen or read The Shack understand that in a different way. (If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it). Isaiah promises the Messiah will be someone to fill in the gaps where earthly fathers have let you down. And “Everlasting” means forever– this Father will never leave you.
I am hoping today’s 10 minute podcast will help you understand this reference of “Father” in a new way- and that you’ll share it with someone who may need a redo on its meaning. Here’s the link:
May you feel the safe and warm embrace of the coming messiah– and the papa love he has for you.