In order to see our way forward, we sometimes have to look backward. That’s why God often prompts us to look back to find our courage for what is ahead. This next session of my video series reveals the lens through which we see the biggest glimpse of God’s handiwork. I call Him the “Rear View Mirror” God because we see and understand so much more of what He was doing when we look back.

Not only is our faith strengthened by looking back, we also recognize that some of our stories become reinterpreted through time. I tell a story in this session about a prophecy I experienced long ago, and how, soon after, it seemed to come true. But the twists and turns that happened afterward reveal that we have a God of the long story; and He is working through all our circumstances- no matter how disheartening they appear- to strengthen our faith. When we look back over time, we see more of what was really happening, which helps us trust God for what is ahead.

My videographer came up with an idea to shoot this session in a way that would illustrate this lens so you won’t forget. Let me know if it works.

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