Today I’m a guest on the Focus on the Family broadcast. We are talking about how to reframe the difficulties we face in our life.
Here’s the link:
Interestingly, they pulled one quote from my interview, and you’ll see below (on the graphic they designed) which one they chose. 

It’s true that I believe one of the best ways to reframe life’s difficulties is to recognize that God is with you right now. He is either doing something in you, or around you, or through you (sometimes all three)– and He’s using what’s happening (or not happening) in your life to position you for what is ahead. YOU may be focused on what you wish was happening or what might happen. But God is in the here and now. And He has something for you here and now that He doesn’t want you to miss.
I must confess that I don’t remember a lot of the conversation that happened when I did the interview with Jim Daly and John Fuller: 
But I knew when the conversation finally aired, it would connect with the particular people that God wanted to touch. God is the master of timing, and He will be able to encourage people today in this interview with the exact words they need. This is the God I trust. This is the God I write about. And His work in the here and now is the focus of one of the lenses I talk about in my book. The 9 minute video excerpt below talks about that lens, and is part of the brand new video series that accompanies the book.
May God use words from today’s broadcast (or the video excerpt below), to pull you OUT of the past or future, and bring you INTO the now.
That way you won’t miss it if He has something He wants to say to YOU.

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