I’m going to say up front that this blog is a teaser.
I have to milk the excitement about this book for about a year before it comes out.
But this picture describes how I currently feel.

For a while, I was struggling to have her pose for me. Recently however, she asks me to take pictures of her. This is one of those. I had my camera and she requested that I take a picture of her. She made faces like this and asked me to show it to her right after. I won't complain when it's that easy ;)

If you notice from my manuscript, I have chosen a new subtitle. It reveals a little more what my new book is about.  Here’s the gist:
In this book, you will be invited to look at your life through four different lenses. You will see your life in a way that you may not have looked at before. Through these lenses, you will get a multidimensional view that could broaden the perspective of what you currently see.

The Big View lens will help you pull back and see the breadth and power of your life.

The Present View lens will bring new focus to what is right in front of you.

The Rear view lens will bring clarity to why you function the way you do.

The Higher View lens will expand your vision to what God wants you to see.

Through these lenses, and the chapters that accompany them, you’ll discover some different angles on what is in front of you that could open up some uncharted vistas of your life.

My dream is that after reading this book, you will begin to see your life for all that it is—the good, the bad, the hard and the spectacular.
And by seeing all that your life already is, you may live it differently.
Which brings me back to the main title of the book:
large title
When you see the claim of the title, you can’t imagine how changing nothing could change everything. Which is exactly what I’m hoping this title will do. You’ll discover how it happens when you read this book.

These lenses won’t change anything that is in front of you.
But they will change everything about the way you see your life.
For that reason, they may end up changing your life.
Even if you change nothing about the life you have.

Stay tuned and you will see how.