Most of us have experienced it.

A time when something happened that we wish we could take back.

And often it’s because we want to erase what has been done.

But there are times when we want a do over for the opposite reason.
To relive a moment or go back to a certain day.
To experience that time again when a long lasting suffering was removed.

This week my husband and I had that experience.
Because we are gathering some footage for a video we’re producing, we relived some moments of our big day. We sliced and chopped and pieced together a 3 minute montage of scenes that capture the essence of that miraculous day. (The end of the video is worth all 3 minutes of your time.)

It’s important to be able to have a do over for those moments.
To relive them again when things feel stark.
It’s God’s way of helping you remember how big He is.

And how quickly time goes.
Family pic    pic of me and jordan
And we need to mark those moments like the Israelites piled their stones.

We decided this 3 minute clip is going in our box of Do-overs.
And may I make a suggestion that you put together a box for yourself.
To place your miracles inside it for those moments when God looks so very small.

Looking in that box will help you remember that He hasn’t changed.

Because sometimes, all your memory needs is
a Do over.