Today’s podcast is on listening- something we do multiple times a day. Unless you are a teenager and the person speaking to you is your mom or dad. But listening is something many of us right now- especially those of us who are white- are trying to do well.
James 1:19 has three suggestions for how to succeed at listening. One of them is being slow to speak- which is difficult when your opinion or response is already formed. Listening with openness allows a person to feel heard and valued- even if you don’t agree with everything that comes out of their mouth.
Sometimes we need to be willing to listen to people who say things that make us feel uncomfortable or defensive. Our willingness to sit in our discomfort is an act of love. Can you absorb discomfort for the sake of letting someone speak their truth?
The verse doesn’t say we all have to agree. But James is imploring us to listen. Because listening creates a bridge.
So tune in to today’s podcast for more thoughts on listening. And be sure to take your ears with you when you are through. Here’s the link: