At some point, we decide how far our love can go.
Then God pushes us to consider taking it further.
No bounds. No conditions. Sometimes uncomfortable. Way too generous.
If you feel like you can’t possibly do it, you are probably on the right track.
This week’s podcast is on indiscriminate love. The “Everybody Always” (thank you Bob Goff) way of being in the world.
I offer some insights to consider as you head to your families next week. As you live in this country. As you attend your church. As you brush shoulders with people on the opposite side of everything you believe in, thinking they are just as right as you.
Our job isn’t to prioritize who is right.
Our job is to love.
Because as Paul says, in 1 Corinthians 13, even if you ARE right, (and have the gift of prophecy, can fathom all mysteries, retain all knowledge, and have a faith that moves mountains), if you don’t get the love part right, you’d be better off trading it all in.
Because in the end, God will not celebrate you for the people you got to come on your side.
God will celebrate you for the ones you loved who were not on your side.
This week’s podcast explores how to begin.
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