So last week was a big week.
My step son came home from his annual two month visit-his-bio-mom-in-Australia trip, my book was released August 5th, and I was on TV for a book interview for the first time.
(Ok, it was just a small network in So. Bend, but it was still exciting.)
Here’s the link if you’re interested… (the interview starts at 14:07):

So what am I doing this week?
Heading to the Mountains with my family for a week long retreat.

I realize in the publishing world this may be bad timing. But it’s exactly where I need to be.
The “real world” of my life is being a step mom and co parent of a precious boy who has to negotiate two worlds in his life.
And it’s always a big transition when he gets back.
I’ve been hopping on planes and interviewing on phones and burning up social media and it’s time to hunker down and do my biggest job.
The job I don’t get paid for, but was graciously given by God to do.

To be the second mother in my little boys life.
He needs me right now.  jordan and jere

Let’s be clear, he doesn’t always articulate that now that he’s eleven. Rolled eyes and “can you really be that stupid” looks are coming much more frequently than I would prefer.
But last night after a whirlwind week he silently slipped his arms around my waist and snuggled into my shoulder while we were watching a movie.

And I knew next week was exactly what our family needed.

So we are off to Mt Hermon in the Santa Cruz mountains. It’s been a long time since I’ve paid for a conference instead of speaking at one. But we need this.
To get away and help our boy get a bigger glimpse of the One who is at work in his story.
For my husband and me to be reminded of this truth ourselves.
Each of us with our broken road past. And our patched-together-with-grace future.
And the boy God gave us to raise.

So books can wait.
And busyness can wait.
We’ll be fuller and better when we get back.

And in the meantime, if you have read the book and want to review it, I’d love to hear from you on Amazon: