Live in the present moment.

Five simple words that are so easy to write. Not so easy to live.  Especially when we are in a place we don’t want to be. But God is always found in the present. And when we stay with Him, we discover He has a purpose for where we are.

Something is happening in and through us that we will one day see.

Session 5 in my video series is about how to live in the present.  I also give some tips on how to discern God’s leading when it’s time to move out. Because you won’t get a map that shows you where you are being prepared to go. You’ll be accompanied by a God who wants to take you there.**

There are times when God calls us to settle in with Him and live our season. Even when we’d rather sit a particular season out. And then, when we least expect it, a door opens that beckons us toward a destination we never would have imagined.

Whether or not we follow God’s leading determines what happens next in our story. But we can rest that Immanuel never abandons us no matter how messy our journey becomes.

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