When you hear something once and it pricks you,
there’s a chance there’s something in it for you.

When that same message surfaces every time you turn around,
it’s clear you need to stop and take it in.

So here’s the message that’s been following me all week… in sermons, devotionals and (yes) even cars in front of me.


That’s it?” you say. “How simple”.

And yes, it really is.

Until you actually try to do what the words say.

If you put limits on where, and when, and how, it can fix the indiscriminate broadness of the phrase and make things a lot easier. Then, you can leave off the person who doesn’t act in a way that makes it possible for you to love them. You wait for them to start behaving the way you want, and then extend your love.

And what about the person you are terrified to give an inch to for fear they’ll take a mile?
Best to avoid the inch, and pray from a safe distance instead.

Till you look at the car in front of you and wonder how in the world God is reading your thoughts.
love greater than fear

Does that include the person who is (or isn’t) a Democrat, Christian, pro LGBT, pro choice, anti abortion, other side of your pet issue, or just flat out opposed to everything you are for and against?
It’s hard to find a caveat in that word.
I’ve tried.
So when the sermon last week was titled “Everyone’s included“, I wasn’t surprised the sermon series is called “Messy Church.”

Because Loving everyone is messy.

It always sounds better in a sermon (or blog) than it plays out in real life.
But you know what message keeps nudging me this week?
love wins
Do it anyway.
Because it’s not just about what it does for others. It’s what loving everyone unlocks inside of you.