Today marks eleven years of marriage. I decided to write a blog for the first time in a long time to give you a little glimpse into my family and my heart.
I hope it will also be an encouragement to you to look back and mark the events that make up your life.

Because time is a moving target.

It flies when your children become adults.
It crawls when a spot needs “a second look”.
The days can be way too long (especially during Covid).
But when those days are packaged into years, they are mysteriously short.
And each succeeding year seems to double in speed.

But one of the biggest mysteries about time is that we live it moving forward. But we only really understand it looking backward. And this makes “marking time” very important if we want to understand the weight of our lives.

In the Old Testament, the Israelites did that by building a stone altar. When they wanted to remember what God did, or the path they had traveled, they placed stones on top of each other on the ground. And each time they saw that pile, they remembered the event that happened there that shaped their lives.

Today we do that with pictures and videos. And eleven years ago Jere and I marked our wedding with a two minute glimpse so we could relive it once each year.

Since this day, the years have sped by.
Our iphone photos reveal how fast time has gone.

Our child is becoming a man, my husband is greying handsomely, and I go to the hair salon more frequently
.But these pictures remind me of the importance of savoring the moments that make up your life.
Some seem to last forever. But they move at breakneck speed when you look back.
So today is the day that eleven years ago, loss and joy kissed at the altar.
And we thank God again for the gift of His grace.