Time is a moving target.

It flies when you watch your children become adults.
And it crawls when you watch your phone after a spot needs “a second look”.

The days can be very long.
But when those days are packaged into years, they are mysteriously short.

And each succeeding year seems to double in speed.

But one of the biggest mysteries about time is that
We live it moving forward.
But we only really understand it looking backward.
And this makes “marking time” very important if we want to understand the weight of our lives.

In the Old Testament, people did that by building an altar. stones
When they wanted to remember what God did, or the path they had traveled, they placed some stones on top of each other on the ground. And each time they went back to that pile of stones, they remembered how that event shaped their lives.

We do that with anniversaries. And I actually have two of them this week.
Before you begin entertaining thoughts of polygamy, I’m happy to announce that only one of them is marital. I DID technically marry two men, but only one was a husband.
.wedding pic

It’s been six years since then, and the years have sped by.
Jere Jordan and I
Our child is becoming a man, my husband is greying handsomely, and I go to the hair salon more frequently.
But these pictures are “stones” that remind me what joy that day brought into my life.

The other anniversary I’m celebrating this week is with my church.
It’s been ten years since I came to Ocean Hills, and the staff and leadership team surprised me with a gathering to mark the time that I’ve been serving on their staff.
staff and leadership

When I think back to the year before I arrived….
I had just been through a broken engagement.
And the days were long and sad.
(As they often are when you are where you don’t want to be.)

But being in that place positioned me for where I was going.
And the God who dwells outside of time knew what was ahead.

I couldn’t see that until I looked back.

Which brings me back to the way we started.
Time is lived moving forward;
But it is more clearly understood when we look back.

And I believe God’s hope is that whatever we discover by looking back…
we can remember as we live forward.

And trust.


For more on having faith for what’s ahead, follow this link: http://www.amazon.com/Finding-Faith-Dark-Story-Takes/dp/0310337119/ref=la_B00IKAGCDG_1