In this week’s blog post, you get to meet my hubby. He shares his back story before we met. As it turns out, he had his own story of pain and loss before our story began. And he talks about the effect it had on him in the video segment below.

Given my back story, I was scared to death when I met him. When you see what he looked like, you’ll understand why. He was a few years older than this on the day we met, but he still took my breath away.
(This is from his modeling years. Thank you Hugo Boss)

The truth is, Jere had his own fears about moving into a relationship– and that made the two of us completely reliant on God. As we grew our friendship, we knew that was exactly where God wanted each of us to be. Our fears didn’t disappear, but they grew smaller as we moved forward in faith.

When you have a glimmer of hope in an area where you’ve been wounded, you feel like you can’t risk getting hurt again. But if you never risk, you’ll never know all that God might have.
So now I’ll stop writing and let my husband have his words:

Don’t let fear win in your story. Let God continue his investment in building your faith. And if you are not sure you have the strength to leave the safety of where you are, remember that one step of faith is all you need. Ask Peter. (

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