Calling a leader a “counselor”, a “father”, or a “prince” is acceptable language. Calling a leader “God” is usually seen as taking it a bit too far. Yet that is exactly what Isaiah does in his description of the coming Messiah.

He will be called “Wonderful Counselor. Mighty God. Everlasting Father. Prince of Peace.” (Isaiah 9:6)

“Mighty God” is the phrase where the Messiah is declared to be Deity. We are told that he won’t just be a leader and teacher, he will be God in the flesh. It is this phrase that puts Jesus’ authority in a different realm.
You notice when people swear, they don’t say… Oh Buddha! Hare H. Krishna! I am so higher power mad!  Sometimes the negative ways we use words prove their power. People who don’t even mean to affirm Jesus give his name weight.

“Mighty God” reveals that the Messiah’s power will be far greater than political leader. Far greater than a church leader.
According to this phrase, Jesus will be able to do for you what no human being can do.
This second Advent  podcast explains why. Here’s the link: