If you’ve been around college students, you’ve probably heard the expression “ring by spring.”
Ring by retirement” is the slightly less popular phrase my engagement coined.
And in the final session of my video series, you see a 2 minute clip of what happened on that miraculous day.
The narration behind the clip reveals that it felt bigger than a wedding. It was an example of what God can do when we wait and let Him work. Perhaps this quote says it best:

grunge image of a field

With threads of loss and grace, God weaves our lives into His story. We see the back side of the picture, with frayed knots and string sticking out. But  every once in a while we get a tiny glimpse of how brokenness is woven together in a miraculous way:


When things happen when they are supposed to happen, we celebrate. But when things happen when they are not supposed to happen, we worship. The more dark and difficult the story, the more potential for Gods presence to be revealed. And in the meantime, God is working in and through your story to make you the person He is dreaming you to be.

This blog ends the eight week preview of my video study. But you can still order the video series anytime by following this link: http://bit.ly/2ciLFz7 My prayer is that you might actually do this study with some friends, and that it will strengthen your faith for the story God has ahead.

And remember when it feels like nothing will ever change, no more is going to happen, and it’s way too late for God to work, you should never end the story too soon. Because if you are still breathing, God isn’t through.