It’s 2018, so it’s time to roll out the resolutions. The goal? Make them big enough to inspire you; realistic enough to actually do.
I might be able to help.
Starting in my next blog, I will be previewing the 8 sessions that make up my new video series.  Can I just tell you how excited I am about it? (Guess I just did). My incredible videographer and awesome hubby did an amazing job piecing together the interviews, speaking clips, special effects and biblical insights that are packed into this 8 week series. Right Now Media has already signed a contract to license it for their website, and we will carry it (along with the study guide) here too.
The purpose of the series is to give you the tools to see a broader perspective of your circumstances. With the help of four lenses, you will learn to see more of what God sees about your life, My hope is that after previewing this series, you will find some friends (or a group from your church) to DO THIS STUDY so that you will REMEMBER 2018 as the year YOU MADE A RESOLUTION to see your life differently.
And kept it.

If you missed the promo from a couple weeks ago, here’s 48 seconds to get you warmed up for what’s to come:

And here’s the link to the book you’ll need to do it: