I just signed a contract to be on my first radio show.
radio show
(that would not be me or my show, but I just needed an illustration).

It sounds glamorous, right? I mean don’t those people make lots of money?
Come on, you must make some money.
Are you saying you aren’t going to make ANY money?
So why do it?
That’s the question that caused me to table the offer when KKLA called.

But then I got an idea.
And with the idea came the passion. Then the vision.
Then the comedic co-host came on board (who happens to be one of my best friends).
profile John
(this is him practicing his humor on trees.)

Eventually, we got sponsors we believed in. And they decided to believe in us. And suddenly, we got ourselves a gig.
We may not bring home a paycheck.  But we sure are going to have a whole lot of fun doing it.

We’re ALSO going to have some thought provoking discussions, a touch of banter and maybe even a couple laughs. And most importantly, we’re hoping to get Compassion kids sponsored, raise some money for Buck4Good, and give people a vision for bringing a little more meaning into their lives.

All in 25 minutes. Luckily we both talk fast.

So WHAT’s it called? …Drumroll please…
TakeOutRadio. The tag line is: Taking your faith into real life.
We’ve already secured the domain for the website and my husband is hard at work designing it. So don’t try to go there just yet.

But I will let you know when we are live. And THEN, TakeOutRadio will be mobile. You can share links to the shows and get it out to more people– even beyond the L.A. area.
Thus the name: Take OUT radio.
(And we would love it if you’d help us get it out.)

The show will air Sunday afternoons 2:30-3 on KKLA. We start December 7th.
More details to come after we all eat some turkey.

The bottom line is, Not everything in life makes us rich.
Some things you do because they just feel right.
And you suspect there is a Bigger Hand than yours on it.