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I am taking liberties with the title of this blog, because I have never actually birthed a baby. And unless God is up for another Sarah type miracle, I don’t plan to. My step son Jordan is God’s perfect gift of a child for me.
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However on Tuesday August 5th, I WILL be birthing a book. grunge image of a fieldAnd from what I hear, the experience is quite similar. Of course I did hear it from a male author, so I’m not completely sure how reliable the source was. But I can say it feels like there are some similarities.

First there’s the joy of conception. While a bit different from the physical kind (that’s awkward to even think about), the book kind does have its own delirious ecstasy.  I remember it well when I received my contract.

But then I actually had to write the darn thing.

Like pregnancy, time may fly by for those watching, but for those living it, there are many endless months. Especially getting through those last chapters when you have nothing left in you to push.
But push you do.
And FINALLY you get it out.
You turn it in to your editor. And you celebrate.

And then you discover there’s another year’s worth of labor at the publisher’s before anyone sees what you’ve given birth to.
Because instead of one doctor involved, you’ve got a content editor, a production editor, a marketing director, a social media expert, a publicist, and a partridge in a pear… you get the point.

Lots of hands on this baby.
And back and forth you go, giving here, taking there, trying not to make too many demands, but realizing at the end of the day it’s YOUR NAME on that book. (All other names are strategically hidden in a long list done in 9 point font so no one can actually see them if things go bad.)

And then- the time comes. The book slips off the press and into your hands. And suddenly the release date is only a few days away.
And you are terrified.
You know some have already gotten a glimpse of your book because a picture of it is posted on Amazon, ( and you recently got your first review from “Vine” people you’ve never met.  You tell yourself that four stars is pretty good.
(“But why not five?” the lame part of you asks

You realize you better gear up for a whole lot of opinions you may not want to hear, and maybe some you will. It’s out of your hands now– and into the vortex of the Internet.
The baby is here and there IS no putting it back. And your name is indelibly attached to this creation, no matter how good or bad it turns out to be.

The thing you notice right away is that you have absolutely no objectivity with it, because you have shaped and reshaped and molded and edited it so much you can’t possibly see it the way others will.
So you pray….
that it will be the blessing you intended it to be when you conceived it.

Because this is the miracle you’ve prayed for and labored over and wished into being.

And now all that is left is to watch while God makes it whatever it is meant to be.


To order (or review) Finding Faith in the Dark, you can do so August 5th at,