Have you ever been so focused on something you wanted to see happen that you missed something that WAS happening? It’s a little bit like staring at a closed door, and not turning to see the beauty around that door that might be waiting to be seen.
This can happen so easily in our lives– we become so fixated on a disappointment we wish we could change, that we miss opportunities that could be leading us to a joy we never imagined. Closed doors can provide as much guidance as open doors if we let them, because they force us to turn around and see what other doors might be opening up.
There is a reason that a door closes- and even if you can see it right now, someday you will view it differently. You will have more of the story to better interpret this scene.
You don’t always see what is actually happening when it happens. Time will bring new meaning. Today on my podcast, I tell a couple stories that illustrate this truth.
So find ten minutes and tune in. It might open your eyes to something you’re not looking at that you need to see.
Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/2Q6DFiI