I’m half way through my new book.
Which is why you haven’t heard from me in a while.
writing a book
That means I have seven whole chapters done. It also means I have seven whole chapters to go.
And that’s what my book is about.

It’s not a book about finishing chapters. But about our angles on the way we see life. Because the way we see life affects the way we live it. Which in turn affects how life turns out.

Growing up, my mom used to tell me a story about two boys who each received different gifts at Christmas. Maybe you heard it too. One boy woke up to a box full of toys. The other, a small pile of horse manure. We could stop this story and call child protective services right here. However when their parents walked in to the room, they witnessed a surprising sight. The boy with toys was whimpering because he had no batteries. He couldn’t make his toys work. The other boy was looking at his manure, grinning from ear to ear. He ran to his parents, hugged them and said, (if you know the punch line, say it with me) “With all this poop, there must be a pony somewhere!”
If you too heard this story, more than likely you heard it as a lesson on optimism. However I maintain it’s also about something else.
The way you see can change everything.
Behind the manure there actually is a horse somewhere. Whether or not it belongs to the boy is up for grabs. Maybe the horse is in the next room. Maybe the horse is nowhere in sight. Maybe the parents are so inspired by the boy’s attitude that they actually do get him a horse. Maybe the boy is so inspired by his excitement that he spends the next few years earning one.
The point is, what the boy sees in front of him isn’t the full story. And what happens after this scene is partly dependent on the boy’s perspective.

That’s true about nearly every scene we are in.

The scene you are in right now will eventually change. It’s only a matter of when. And my book is about the fact that the way you view your present scene will alter your story.
eye in glasses
My mom told me that the way the boy responded actually did win him the horse. I’m not sure if it’s true, but it worked for me. It may be the reason I am writing this book.

The working title is “When Changing Nothing Changes Everything.” It’s due in 3 months, but you won’t see it in print till the beginning of 2017.
So now, back to work on Chapter 8. Only half a book to go.

Piece of cake.