Imagine yourself
looking into
a microscope.
Now imagine that microscope is your eyes.
According to Isaiah 55:8-9 (, that is a window into life.
What would happen to your faith if you suddenly realized that what you see is only a microscopic view of all that is actually going on around you?

In the 3rd session of my video series, you’ll explore what it means to open your eyes to the bigger story happening around you. You will meet some children whose lives were changed because two couples did just that. But before I give anything more away, here’s the preview of the session that includes the story of how one couple’s struggle with infertility ended up triggering a series of events no one could have ever imagined.

Your struggle may not be infertility. It could be a diagnosis, disappointment or loss. But how might your life change if you saw the bigger picture of where your struggle is leading you?
What you see as a wall may actually be a door. And it could be that through that door, God is leading you to something bigger than you dream. But you have to trust Him in order to find it.

God has a part in mind for you in the story He is writing. But it may require you to lay down your current desire in order to play that part. Because God’s story always involves more people, more healing, and more fulfillment than we can imagine or see.

When you let go and follow His lead, you will look back and see things differently.
And when you see what He can do through you, your faith will never be the same.
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