10 Tips for Blended Families – (PDF study guide attachment)


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This study guide is designed to accompany the video series “10 tips for blended families.


Any ordering issues please contact [email protected]

This downloadable PDF study guide is designed to accompany the video series “10 tips for blended families.” Each tip is followed by ten discussion questions, and they are for anyone who is navigating the challenges of blended family life. Whether you are doing this series with your spouse or with a group, these questions will help you flesh out the content that is packed in the video.

The first thing I want to say is that you do not have to do all the questions in one sitting! These are meant to prompt discussion and most of all, application– so you are free to pick and choose between them and take more time with a question when needed.

The book that can be read with this study is Grace-filled Stepparenting, Help and Hope for this unique and loving role. I wrote this book to help stepparents see the calling and purpose in their role, as well as to address the challenges of being in a blended family. The ten tips that Ron and I talk about follow the general order of content in the chapters of the book, so their suggested chapter to read before each session is at the top of the discussion questions for each week.


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