Christmas can be hard.
When you’re lonely, sad, or not where you want to be, the coziness of Christmas can add a twinge (or even a stab) to a hurting heart. You may want to celebrate Jesus’ birth, but you just wish you could do it somewhere else.
This is where the lens of the big view can help.
By pulling back on your life, you can be aware that you are living a chapter in a much bigger story. And things are happening right now that are positioning you for what is ahead.
I talked about this on Facebook live this week:
When I first moved to Santa Barbara, it was just before the holidays. I had broken an engagement, started working at a new church, and when Christmas rolled around I can remember feeling very alone.
But what I couldn’t see what was going to happen in my life a few years later–which wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t go through what I did.
Pulling back and looking at the big picture can infuse you with hope when it looks like everyone is living in a hallmark card except you. (It can also help to realize they combed through 20 pictures for the perfect one you got.)

Life can make you feel like you are in a chapter that will never end.
But God is at work. And He isn’t finished.
Emmanuel is with you.
And your story isn’t over.