Have you ever gotten tired of waiting for God to do something? So tired that you decided to make something happen yourself?
It could be because I’m a first born child, but I am always tempted to help God make things happen. Especially when I feel like I’ve waited long enough.

There is a verse in Scripture that gives us some big insights on what not to do while we are waiting for Gods timing to unfold. It’s found in Genesis 16, and it’s lodged in the story of Sarah and Abraham while they are waiting for God’s promised child.  One morning, Sarah approaches Abraham and here’s how she begins: “The Lord has kept me from having children.”

There are so many ways she could have expressed her frustration.
Why is God taking so long?
I wonder when God is finally going to do this?
I’m losing hope Abraham, and I need encouragement to keep trusting.

Instead she says “The Lord has kept me from having children.” And this doesn’t do much to feed her faith that God is going to follow through.

This is the subject of this week’s ten minute podcast. Grab some coffee and listen in.
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