A couple of weeks ago, I witnessed four seasons pass before me in a twenty minute span. (On second thought, it may have just been the amount of seasons we have in California- which is two).
Anyway, I was driving down Highway 101, and on the right side of my car, sunshine pierced through billowing white clouds. On the left side of the car, the sky was black, with buckets of rain periodically dumping down, slowing the freeway flow to 25mph.
But smack in the middle, right in front of me, was the view you see above. Actually the rainbow was even prettier, but you can only do so much with an iPhone when you have one hand on your steering wheel, while attempting a dangerous- if not illegal- action. But I digress.
THE POINT IS, on the right, there was beauty and light.
On the left, black clouds and darkness.
And suddenly I was nudged that this was a God moment waiting to be seen.
Today’s ten minute podcast is about the choice we have whether to focus on the good or bad about our lives.
Sometimes it’s just a matter of picking which direction to look.
It’s not about not seeing the bad. It’s just about noticing the good.
And the picture above helps us remember that the greatest beauty of all comes from the blend of both.
Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/2Q6DFiI