If given a choice, we would wish it away. But if we are willing to walk through it, the pain we’ve experienced can be the source of the greatest impact we will have. Our pain is the balm of healing we hold for others after we’ve let it do its work in us.

The 6th session from my new video series (below) is about seeing the purpose of your pain. It features two of my friends who share their stories of how their pain transformed their lives.
One shares how her own desperation opened her up to help others whose need was similar and greater;

The other shares how telling the truth about her abuse was the beginning of a healing that impacted dozens of other lives.

I can tell you that neither would have chosen the pain they experienced. However, both are grateful to God for how their pain was used. Their pain was the impetus to help others in ways they never could have dreamed.

This preview from my video series affirms the truth that your wounds carry a distinctive ministry. Because others need what you alone have. Let this video speak to your soul about how God might want to use the pain He’s entrusted to you.

(this video is for preview only, and can be found on Right Now Media, or on this website in the books/video link)