If you are someone who is interested in new tools for spiritual growth, I am thrilled to introduce a new FREE resource. It’s a brand new journal called Reframing your life with God’s perspective”, and it is a bonus you can now get for FREE to do with my book!  Oh did I mention it’s FREE? As in nothing, zip, nada, no money at all?
I think you get the point. 
My publisher told me I should give it away as a gift to readers and I told them they were crazy  it was a great idea. So I’ve been working on it for the last month and… Ta Daaaa! You can get the download from my website by using the “buy now” prompt on this link:


OR visit the IVP free resource page.
If you are a visual person, you can watch this short one minute video about what’s in it:

OR if you are sick of watching me on video, you can read the description below.
It’s a journal filled with reflective questions to EXPLORE YOUR LIFE– with a mentor, group of friends, or alone in your quiet time. It will walk you through the chapters to show you how you can apply the four lenses (Big view, Present View, Rear View, Higher View) to the particular challenges, roadblocks and fears you face.
It’s the ideal way to take the stories and ideas in the book and start applying them. And it’s the perfect mentoring tool because the questions help you learn about (and speak into) each other’s lives.

My dream for this book has always been that people would use the four lenses to begin to see their lives the way God sees them. With this FREE Companion journal, you have the perfect place to start.
So grab a friend (or two), get the book and journal, and explore what God is doing or wants to do with your life. But be warned– your life may never be the same.
**To order the book on Amazon, go to this link: http://amzn.to/2wccPvf or get the 2 book special on my website link below:

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