It started four years ago while I was leading a mission trip to Nicaragua. I received a message that week that would eventually change my life.
The message was from Brooklyn Lindsey, a young woman I’d heard of because she was a youth ministry speaker. But it was the content of the message that eventually set the wheels turning for a dream to be birthed.
I want you to know you are part of the reason I’m in ministry,” the note said, and my heart skipped a beat. I saw you speak when I was 16 years old, and for the first time saw a woman doing what I dreamed to do.
Besides mourning my age with the 16 year old part, I was touched to the core by her message. It made me realize the power of cross generational relationships between women, and the effect they can have on your faith.

The two of us finally met over the phone, and we began to dream and pray about inspiring other women through our relationship. We eventually added a third woman named Natasha Robinson, who had written a book on mentoring, to help us think through what we wanted to do.
This Friday night, the first ever SheGrows Conference is happening in Lakeland Fla. And here’s the best part- we’d love to bring this conference to YOU.
This 3 minute video communicates what the SheGrows conference is about:

We have three events scheduled this Fall– in St. Louis, Oceanside and Santa Barbara. We are already starting to talk to churches about 2019, so if you (or your church) are interested in inquiring about it, visit this link:
As we’ve been planning and praying and putting SheGrows together, it’s turning out to be an amazing event. By the end of the 3 hour evening, we believe women will be inspired to find someone ahead of them and behind them to encourage them in their faith.

Perhaps there has never been a culture that needs this more as the one we are living in right now.

Because church mentoring programs don’t always know the best way to orchestrate these relationships, we want to show women what they can do to find them. Natasha, Brooklyn and I have each experienced- and believe strongly- that having someone building into your life can deepen and expand your faith.
We also believe that building up someone else’s faith can deepen and expand your life.

Our prayer is that the SheGrows conference will help you do both.
Please pray for us as we begin- and let us know if you want to inquire about us coming to you!