Two days ago, I received the prized email that was responsible for me looking like this for three months. (note the kombucha which cancels out every unhealthy desperate snack).

I know sweating isn’t a very ladylike word but “glowing” just doesn’t cut what’s been happening around this house.

So… on behalf of the neglected population once known as Laurie’s family and friends, these are the words we celebrate as she re-enters life:    JUST TO BE CLEAR, my new book isn’t coming out until April 2019. But the daunting task of facing blank pages and filling them is now officially through. And (I’ve heard this happens in pregnancy), every time I get to this point I vow that I will never write a book again.
NO, I can’t even think about THAT right now.
However, what I CAN think about is THIS NEW BOOK!.
It’s still in in the forming stages, where the publisher checks and double checks your grammar and sentence structure. (Thank you God).
But there are some amazing gems of wisdom from lesser known verses that are packed in this up and coming book.
It can be used as a devotional, a mentoring tool, or place to go for comfort.
It can also provide encouraging company when you feel discouraged or lost.

It is a bit different from my other two books, yet totally related. It’s filled with angles of scripture that I’ve drawn from that will breathe wisdom and hope into your soul.

My words simply add a highlight to the riches that God’s word has to give us. And after reading recently that the Bible was #12 on GQ’s list of the top 21 most irrelevant books, (proof here: I think this book may be timely right now.
But you’ll have to wait a few months to get it.
However, here’s a sneak preview of the cover so you’ll recognize it when it comes out.
  I will be starting a podcast this Fall to give a 5 min soundbite on some of the surprising insights I have uncovered in these verses. And I will most certainly be looking for friends to help get the word out when this book has its launch!

So stay tuned, and in the meantime, I wish you all a blessed Summer!

PS a big thanks to all who prayed for our first SheGrowsConference on June 1… It was INCREDIBLE! Pictures are uploaded on our SheGrowsConference Facebook page. (which we’d love for you to “like”:) New dates being scheduled. Details to come….