Have you ever felt used, abused or discarded, and wondered where God was or why he allowed it to happen? There is a verse in Genesis 16 that you need to see.

It’s found after the scene where Abraham and Sarah aren’t able to wait for God any longer, so they recruit their servant Hagar to be their surrogate. And after Hagar gets pregnant, Sarah suddenly realizes she may have taken a premature turn.

That’s when everything goes bad fast- Sarah becomes jealous, mistreats Hagar with Abraham’s permission, and Hagar (understandably) runs away. And in this scene in Genesis 16, Hagar finds herself desperate and pregnant and alone.

She is the victim of someone else’s actions, yet she is the one suffering for it. Can anyone out there relate?
What Hagar discovers is that she is not alone in her desperation. Tune in to today’s 10 minute podcast and find out why.
Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/2Q6DFiI