This morning I read some encouraging words in Psalm 9. But the ones that jumped off the page were the words that came between the verses.

Quiet interlude.

That’s what it said.
Usually I skip over that stuff. And rush to the next verse.
But somehow this morning those words were where the volume turned up.
“Selah” is how it reads in Hebrew.
And though there is some discrepancy over the literal translation, what it generally means is:
Take a pause.
I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but we seem to be evolving into a pause-less generation. We used to be able to sit still for a minute and not do anything. But our phones have absolved us from that. Now every single solitary moment has the potential for being full.
Maybe that’s why I’m strangely drawn to these words.

Take a pause.

What does that even look like?

candle pause
Empty    spaces   between    words   and   moments

The psalmist inserts the word “Selah” when he wants you to think about what you just read.
Seems to me we could use a little Selah in our lives.

While you’re rushing children and spouses out the door, Selah.
Look at their faces and note what happens to your heart.
When you face a pile of endless demands, Selah.
Be in the moment with what’s in front of you today.
When you ache for a prayer that has yet to be answered, Selah.
Rest in the knowledge that Someone bigger is working on that right now.
When you fear for the future, Selah.
You are trying to be somewhere God hasn’t taken you yet.
Take a pause.

A friend in my church named her daughter that. What a great way to insert that pause into your life.
Because with Selah, you
Remember better what you read.
Remember better what you have.
Remember better how big God is.

And remember God is with you in the now.

Take a pause.
And see.