Tragedy strikes.
Disappointment drags on.
There are seasons in your life when it’s easy to believe your story has come to an end.

And then you get up the next day.

C.S. Lewis has a poignant line in The Chronicles of Narnia, when one of his characters was drowning in sorrow. It’s highlighted in the second paragraph (from The Silver Chair) below:

The truth is, sometimes Crying is more than all right- we need to be sad when things are sad. We witness this truth in the story of Lazarus– even when Jesus knew the glory that was ahead, He still took time to mourn the family’s loss.  In the shortest verse in Scripture (John 11:35), we see how deeply God is on our side.

But after we mourn our loss (or feel our disappointment), God invites us to move forward with our lives. This 4th session of my video series shows us a vivid example of how to do just that. And as we pick up our courage, and move forward in our pain, God shows us it’s never too late for the surprise of joy. **

Marla’s story was reframed into a story of hope. But we can’t forget the 13 years she spent picking up the broken pieces and embracing her life. By bravely facing her season of loss, and being open to joy when it came, Marla gave God what He desires from us all.
My prayer is that this video series will encourage everyone in your group to do the same.


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