This week, like many others, I have been watching the aftermath of the devastating tornado in Oklahoma. In the meantime, it’s blue skies and 75 degrees outside and I am feeling a little guilty about where I live. I know an earthquake might trigger a tsunami any minute, and we are way overdue to fall into the ocean, but in case those don’t happen, I found some other quirky things about California that have made me feel a little less guilty about being here. (And some that just made me laugh.) So on a lighter note, here’s my blog this week:

You know you are in California if:

  1. You make over $250,000 a year and still can’t afford a house.
  2. It’s sprinkling outside, so you leave for work an hour early to avoid all weather-related accidents.
  3. You have a very strong opinion about where your coffee beans are grown, and can taste the difference between Sumatran and Ethiopian.
  4. You know which restaurant serves the freshest arugula.
  5. A really great parking space can move you to tears.
  6. The guy in line at Starbucks, wearing the baseball cap, sunglasses, and looks like George Clooney, IS George Clooney.
  7. You own a Prius but you drive a Suburban
  8. Your rent for a one bedroom apartment is a mortgage on a five bedroom home in another state.
  9. It’s sprinkling out, and there’s a report on every news channel about “THE STORM!”
  10. Over 85% of the cities, towns, and streets start with San, Los, El, La, Santa, De La, or De Los.
  11. Two overcast days in a row drive you mad.
  12. It’s 65 degrees out and you are wearing a sweater

Any additions? Of course, you can feel free to make fun of your own state too.

And on a serious note, let’s keep praying for our friends in Oklahoma. When the cameras pull out, and the people leave, most of their work has just begun.