The time has come.
It’s taken a fire, a mudslide and an evacuation to get here, but I am thrilled to finally introduce you to my new video series. This will be the first of 8 video blogs (or vlogs if you are really hip) to preview the study that accompanies my book, When Changing Nothing Changes Everything. In this first session, you’ll hear me speak about the morning that led me to write this book, and actually get to experience the 4 lenses that help you see what God sees about your life. You’ll also meet my friend Chris Benedict, whose life was a huge inspiration for the title of my book.

The study is not even posted on Right Now Media yet, so YOU are the first to see it. It is also ON SALE on my website for a steal very special price for anyone who may want to grab it for an 8 week study in a small group or bible study. (see books/video page for details)

But for now, it’s time to stop reading and tune in. And here’s a tip: YOU DON’T WANT TO STOP WATCHING BEFORE THE END. I saved the best for last. And I am pretty convinced if you watch the whole thing (only 10 minutes), it will encourage your soul and give you a new outlook on your day. Maybe even your life.

(please note: these videos are for previewing only and can be purchased on this site)