Tomorrow is my 5th anniversary
1. wedding shot-Jere and Laurie
(Token wedding photo)

I told students at a college I spoke at yesterday that my goal was ring by retirement and happily, I succeeded.
The ring by spring girls shuddered, but when they saw a picture of the groom, I think some were actually converted.
At least to wait till they graduated.
The truth is, love comes when it comes, and getting it back mutual is a miracle at any age.
Although it may be a bit more of a miracle when it squeaks in just under 50.

So five years later, here we are. And what to do on our blessed day?
Some things came in tomorrow that we didn’t expect:
-Hubby day off (check)
-Child coverage during day (check)
-Evening covered by another child’s bday party (blessed coincidence)

So we have the WHOLE day till 9pm.
A pause for a wonderful sigh.
And there are some things happening tomorrow that won’t be talked about in this blog (Hey it’s only been 5 years).
But what I have been thinking about is how my love language is totally being met just thinking about this day.
I’m a quality time gal.
There is nothing that floats my chain more than time- good friends, good eats, (yes bread is always present) and just being with people I love.
And at the top of my people list is my five year 2 person gift. Yep. Most people just get one. I got two.
Husband and child packaged together, taking invitro and miracle births off the table.
.2. my boys
These two.
I love.
And the one I am focusing on tomorrow is the taller one.
So I already have my love language met. And I’m happy to say, quality time happens to be one of my husband’s love languages too.
Neither of us are gift people. I like getting gifts. And I notice when they are given well. But they don’t fill my tank like quality time.
And we’ve got it scheduled for Friday.
We hired our favorite cleaning lady for the afternoon, so that tells you where Acts of service is coming in on our list. (Though my husband reigns at this one).
Yes. I am a word person. Words come close to tying with quality time, but since my husband has two of them to my twenty five, my expectation is low for Friday.
Just a few choice ones.
I’ll fill in the rest.
And a WHOLE lot of time.
SO we are going out for breakfast at our favorite spot in Summerland.
Taking a hike.
Going for back to back massages. (Guess that’s where physical touch comes in.)
Of course there MAY be a bit more…she trails off, remembering this is a G rated blog.
Wine tasting on the pier while house is cleaned by favorite cleaning lady (I know- dreamlike, right?)
Dinner at our favorite anniversary spot. (Angels are involved for those of you SB locals).
A little touch of Heaven for my hubby and me for our 5th anniversary.
And there JUST MAY BE some country music playing in the background for my better half. Now known to the world as Mr. Blue Jeans and Boots. And in case you don’t understand this reference, you’ll just have to order it to see:
(Always room for a shameless plug.)

ANYWAY, I am fully aware that all people don’t run alike in this love language thing. (Words music- case in point). And knowing the language of the people you love can make for better days ahead.
I’m going to have a great one tomorrow. And I will savor every moment.
So I leave you with something to think about this day.
What’s your love language?
And more importantly…Have you told the people you love?
Is it:
Words of affirmation?
Physical touch?
Acts of service?
Giving gifts?
QUALITY TIME? (No prejudice here)

Share yours. Find out others.
And live better.