When it comes to jobs, relationships, football teams and “The Bachelor”, Getting the boot is not usually something people celebrate.

However when it comes to foot surgery, out come the balloons.

With the presentation of “the boot” by your doctor, you move from knee scooter dependence to limping on your own, and you feel as if you just might conquer the world.

Or at least make it to the kitchen and back in under an hour.

It’s a short lived celebration as you come to realize this 3 lb brick strapped sandal will stay on your foot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the next 5 weeks of your life.
And sleeping with it (accompanied by the sharp shooting pains of healing) brings a piece of added joy to your nighttime slumber.
Especially for your spouse.
However last week, we both celebrated the new found freedom that “getting the boot” brought to the first day of 2016.
new years toast
(some toast the new year, we toasted a foot)

It’s a bad thing that will make its way to a good thing.
And as I think about it, that’s what “getting the boot” often does in other areas of our life.
Whether it’s the pathway to a new job,
a new relationship,
a new
or your own show (didn’t the new Bachelor lose last time?)
“Getting the boot” may start off really bad.
However it can become something really good.

You may just have to wait it out to see.

And if you need something to inspire you in your wait,
I’ve got a boot you can borrow in 4 weeks.
(tempting I know)

Better yet, here’s something you can hold in your heart:

grunge image of a field

Don’t let the boot end your story.
You’ll miss the dance God is preparing that’s still to come.