I’m guessing you are familiar with the term “Murphy’s Law”.
But in case you need a quick little definition, here’s what “Murphys Law” means:
“An adage or epigram that is typically stated as: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

The way I define it from a spiritual perspective is “I’ll be okay unless ___________happens.”
And then as soon as you say it, ____________ comes knocking at your door.

I’m beginning to suspect that Murphy and God occasionally conspire together to force you to remember Who you trust.

Today, _____________ came in the form of a little car trouble.
Nothing serious, just a tiny odd noise.
You know, the one you hear the minute your car is paid off.
car trouble (that is not my car but it sure makes me feel better)

We decided to let our friend Ken the Car Helper look at it.
What do you think Ken, a little patching up? You see, we are trying to save our pennies right now for unpaid doctor bills and our boy’s school next year, and we have just enough to get by.
Uh, first of all its your transmission.
Oh ok, what’s that- about $300 bucks?
Well it would be if you didn’t need new tires.
I see.
And your brake pads need to be replaced.
But because you guys are friends I can do ALL the jobs for just under a million bucks*.

Gosh Ken, that would be such a great deal if we had money.
But this is when I have to lose my Dave Ramsey notes and pull my credit card out.
Either that or drive on my 4 bald tires and no brakes right out of this lot.

It’s times like these that words I don’t usually use begin to gather in my mouth. And just before they tumble out, I beg God to lose His friend Murphy and cut us some slack.
But in those moments, I’m reminded that faith shines brightest when things get their darkest. And a bunch of verses come to mind that I am being called on to live out.

A tiny voice in my head whispers that car trouble and doctor bills are not even on 3rd world person’s prayer list.  3rd world pic 3 (that’s a Haitian grandma,selling her wares)

Just food. And shelter. And water.
And as much as I hate to admit it, we have all of those.

So with this small bit of perspective, I am suddenly aware of what my Haitian friends already know. God is going to provide for the things He wants for us. And if the resources don’t come, it’s His burden, not mine. I am merely called to do what I can, hold on to faith, and trust.

So thanks to Murphy, my husband and I are driven once more (no pun intended) to the One who holds us. Maybe Murphy will drive you there too.

And that just might be the whole reason God and Murphy hook up.


*denotes slight exaggeration