I did it. My very first ten minute podcast.  And this is a Short blog to introduce it. (the puns are never ending).
I’m going to keep my podcasts to ten minutes because, let’s face it, we have no shortage of podcasts– and there are lots of good ones. But most of them require at least 30 minutes, so my goal is to give as much as my brain and heart will allow in a ten minute span… hoping that I can accompany you on a walk or a drive and be in your ear for just a small amount of time to encourage you.

I’m starting by  talking about “Your Bigger Life”- and how to recognize the bigger story going on around you. I talk about seeing your life through the “big view” lens- and how the story of Esther inspires us to see our lives this way. I also discuss mentoring and parenting; influencing others and becoming a part of their story.  And I end with a challenge: Who knows but that you are here for such a time as this?

The SheGrows Conference (http://bit.ly/2wjCGU0) was birthed because of a recognition of this bigger life. We are having an impact on others every day- whether we know it or not- and the purpose of this conference is to encourage women to make this an intentional practice in their life. It started because a girl who was sixteen saw me speak and started doing what I was doing. We met and held hands with another woman who is passionate about mentoring– and now the three of us are holding hands with women across the country to encourage them to take their place in the chain of faith.

So here’s the truth: You are part of a bigger story. Your life is not just about you.
Even in seasons of grief or hardship, God can use you.
Sometimes that is when He uses you most.
See it. Live it. Be it.
And I pray my words will help you do it.  Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/2Q6DFiI