If you read my last blog,( https://laurieshort.com/when-youre-led-where-you-do-not-want-to-go/), you’ll be happy to know the pilot had enough fuel, and we made it to Paris.

Here’s the thing I’ve noticed about Paris– it’s one of those destinations that causes people to get a wistful look on their face when you mention you’re going, and they will tell you how lucky you are.
They’re right.
That’s one benefit of flying a lot — you stack up miles, and you can get mileage tickets to places you dream about. A trip to Paris has been on my bucket list for 20 years since I went there by myself, and after strolling those romantic streets alone, I decided if I EVER got married, I would go back.
My husband also needed a redo- in his former years, he did some modeling, and his agent sent him to Paris, telling him he would make a killing on the runway shows. He spent all his money on a one way ticket, and found out his agent was misinformed– he got there after they finished. Since he couldn’t afford to stay till the next shows, he went to a Burger King on the Champs Elysees, scraped together his savings, and headed back to the states.
Suffice to say, he needed a redo on his Paris experience. At least I told him he did.
eiffel tower selfie- my need
(Maybe it was a little of my need overlapping on to his.)

So here we are, and I have to say, it is pretty magical. If you ever get to Paris, or just want to experience it virtually, I thought I’d dedicate this blog to the top ten things you should do when you are in the most romantic city in the world. Here goes:

Top 10 Things to do in Paris:

1. Kiss on top of the Effel tower
eiffel tower kiss

2. Eat a soufflé
eat a souffle

3. Find your favorite Bible story in a piece of art

good samaritan

4. Have a croissant… or two… or ten

5. Take a trip on the train somewhere else (we chose Lake Annecy)

6. See Notre Dame by day and by night
notre dame day  notre dame night

7. Walk everywhere (save the metro for tired husbands desperation)

8. Buy a second hand dress that will take you back to Paris when you wear it

9. Find hidden places that tourists don’t know about (Who says French people are reserved?)
staff at Chez Janou

10. Get a magnet for your fridge

And when you finally get home and put the magnet on your fridge, be prepared for wistful looks.