In a corner of a church called St. Sulpice, there is a painting on the wall that towers above you as you stand among the candles that fill the room. The church is in Paris, France, a city where art and architecture can leap off the walls and into your soul. I had that experience with this painting:
The painting is by Eugene Delacroix, and it is Jacob wrestling with the angel, a scene that comes from Genesis. As you look at it, you are immediately struck by the fact that the two figures don’t look like they are in a wrestling match at all. Instead the winged creature looks as if he is trying to lead Jacob in a dance– but Jacob has his head buried in the angel’s chest, fighting him every step of the way.
And thought to myself, what a picture of my life.
I begin each day wanting God to lead… until His route is different than I want to go. Then I push and pull and agonize and strain, and it’s worthless because as I concluded 2 weeks ago, ( there are bigger hands than mine leading me on my journey.

And from the painting above me I hear a Voice whisper:

Stop struggling and dance

Dancing is easy when you are in places like Paris, and every day is beauty and fun, glorious food and captivating scenery.
Sacre Coeurpostcard from parissunset in Paris

Dancing is not so easy when you have a dead battery waiting for you at 1am when you come home, (note sad husband below), your luggage is lost, and the people you call for help are contracted in India.
And those are just small inconveniences. The dance grows harder when someone you love is given a diagnosis, your child isn’t following the path you want, and your income is not covering your rent.
If you are like me, that’s when you bury your head into that big chest and attempt to push your way.

I don’t like this dance and I don’t want to do it.

But the figure stands unmoved.
You can either follow His steps… or stay stuck in the non steps you try to force.
And the whisper comes again:

Stop Struggling and Dance.

Let me take you to the beauty. Let me take you through the hard.
Remember I am not just at work around you. I am at work in you.
I have eyes to see what you cannot see. I have a plan that is beyond what you can know.

And if you give in and let me lead you, I will lead you to places you will never find on your own.
I won’t force you.
We can stay locked in this position all your life if you choose.
You can stop struggling
And dance.


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