The Death of an American Hero

Louie Zamperini just died. He was 97 years old. Soon we will all know his name because a film based on his life will be released at the end of this year. (With none other than Angelina Pitt Jolie directing it). But for us Laura Hillenbrand fans, Louie’s name has...

Finding Faith…and the World Cup

I got some news last week. Zondervan told me that the license for my book (which comes out August 5th) was bought by a publishing company to translate it into another language. Immediately the wheels started turning… could it be Spanish? Maybe French? I had visions of...

School shootings, Parenting, and Faith

Looking up at the news during my workout this morning, I saw a ticker tape flash across the screen that froze my gaze. …with this week’s latest shooting, that makes 74 school shootings since Sandy Hook… Let that sink in a little. Something is happening to...
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